Beginning of the end for the Red Bull brand in F1?

Aston Martin becoming Red Bull Racing title sponsor is the beginning of the end for Red Bull in F1


Supreme Sebastian Vettel showcases his talents to take Singapore pole

Scuderia Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel gatecrashed qualifying with a stunning Q3 performance as he left the fancied Red Bulls in his wake. Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo qualified second and third respectively and look strong  but Vettel will be bouyed by an incredible display that puts him firmly on the front foot heading into Sunday’s race….

Hamilton’s Monza masterclass could propel him to the title

Lewis Hamilton cantered to victory in the Italian Grand Prix as the Prancing Horse took a beating at the hands of Mercedes. For the first time this season, Hamilton leads the championship and looks stronger and more confident than ever. Hamilton’s second victory in the space of a week is the only time a driver…

Bwoahring: Ferrari keep Kimi on for 2018

Scuderia Ferrari announced today that Finnish driver Kimi Räikkonen will drive for the team in 2018. Whilst they may need his wise old head regardless of whether Vettel re-signs, the announcement screams a lack of daring, courage and creativity. F1 news websites the world over predictably used the Summer Break as an opportunity to publish…

Azerbaijan GP: Petulant Vettel needs stronger punishment

By its very nature, Formula One is a dangerous sport. Yes, decades spent relentlessly pursuing a safer environment for our gladiators to do battle in have thankfully resulted in an F1 that is deemed safe. It’s not perfect. Harrowingly, the tragic death of the incredibly talented Jules Bianchi is far too recent. If there was…

Is it already time for Mercedes to make Hamilton their number one?

In Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix Valtteri Bottas was asked to move over so that Lewis Hamilton could launch an assault on Sebastian Vettel at the front and fight for the win. Mercedes nailed their colours to the mast under the floodlights and Bottas needs to adjust quickly if he is to be more than just…

Wehrlein the brave

Pascal Wehrlein has faced a mixture of criticism and praise for his decision to sit out the Chinese Grand Prix, but it is a commendable decision.

F1 to have noisier engines from 2021

The news that Formula One fans the world over have been waiting for has been announced by the FIA today, after a meeting between the governing body, engine manufacturers, Liberty Media and other key stakeholders led to a “broad agreement for the future evolution of Formula One power units” including cheaper, noisier engines. F1’s pull…